Warranty Information

1. Truck Center International Ltd. provides a 12 month warranty on all their remanufactured products recovered - but not more than 2 years from the date of shipment. Claims for damages arising from misuse of our products will not be accepted.

2. The warranty period starts from the date of sale, carried out by the distributor or importer of the company Truck Center International (supporting documents must be submitted).

3. All claims should be sent to the addressed to info@truck-center.ee

4. The procedure for the complaint as follows:

4.1. Distributor / importer must notify the company Truck Center International of complaint received within 7 days of receipt of the complaint from the customer.
The complaint must contain the following information:
 Details and product name
 Serial number
 Date of sale
 Photos (good quality) to show clearly what the issue and confirming the origin of the product (serial number).

4.2. Truck Center International considers the claim within 7 days of receipt of all necessary documents and information.

4.3. The decision, as well as the assessment of the case by Truck Center International and all information on return will be sent to the distributor / importer. The decision takes effect immediately. Reimbursement of damaged product is only possible if all the above conditions are met.

5. In all cases, you must return the damaged goods to company Truck Center International.

6. The procedure for the complaint relates only to distributors and importers of products of the company Truck Center International.

7. The warranty allows for an exchange of the purchased parts or receive a credit in the amount of their value and receive a monetary refund for the replacement of the part, but not more than 100 euros for 1 part.

8. The warranty is void if the product has not been properly installed (water, oil separators, condensate must be replaced before installation in the air system, the chambers must be sealed) or not stored properly (outdoors, in a damp or heavily dusty room , in an open form without boxes, without protective labels on the product). Warranty does not cover natural wear, effects of wear, chemical damage (use of unsuitable or poor quality liquids), as well as any interference by third parties.

Download Warranty Claim Form