Core Surcharge


What is core surcharge?

When a vehicle is repaired, the old or failed part that was replaced is called an old core. These cores are then remanufactured (recycled) by companies to original equipment specifications. Remanufacturing is the process of taking used parts, completely disassembling and thoroughly cleaning them, replacing the faulty and/or worn components with original quality components, and restoring them to their original function. The testing and procedures are the same as the original equipment manufacturers.

Please choose one of surcharge options which are convenient for you!

  1. Without surcharge: First, you simply send your old core back to Truck center company and you only pay the good price. Returning the old core allows parts to be remanufactured/recycled. Returning your core helps save our environment by keeping the tons of cores out of landfills annually!
  2. With surcharge: You simply pay the good price plus surcharge. * If you do not return the old unit to us, you will not receive your surcharge refund.


Please do contact us as we may be able to find a part for you that doesn’t need your old unit to be returned to us!